What Not To Say Masterclass


What Not to Say: A Guide for Keeping Your Foot Out of Your Mouth 

Join communication and leadership skills expert Pamela Jett as she does a deep dive into the crucial skill of keeping your foot out of your mouth.

  • Learn how to “create more space” between what you feel like saying and what you actually say
  • Discover why words matter and how to choose yours with care for better relationships and more career success
  • Develop emotional self-control techniques and stop saying things you regret
  • Discover (surprising) defense provoking words and phrases and what to say instead
  • Unlock your ability to communicate clearly and effectively – even in emotionally charged situations

This content-rich masterclass is more than just “feel-good fluff” or a barrage of theory. Pamela provides tools you can use immediately and are delivered with her signature blend of evidence-based content, humor, and high energy. There is even a forum to ask questions and you will develop your action plan to make sure the learning translates into action and results!

Can’t make the live event? Don’t fret. A recording is included with your registration. You can even submit your questions in advance.