Overcome Imposter Syndrome


Do you sometimes feel like a fraud or unworthy of your success?  Do you downplay compliments or struggle with accepting praise? Do you worry that someday everyone will find out that you are not as smart or as talented as they seem to think you are?  If so… you may be struggling with imposter syndrome.  In this powerful 25-minute live event you will:

  • Learn what imposter syndrome is and how it might be sabotaging your career success.
  • Discover amazingly simple techniques to move out of imposter syndrome and start feeling confident and capable.
  • Master the art of accepting praise – it’s a game-changer!
  • Enhance success in every area of your life by discovering how to authentically let your brilliance shine. No more dimming your light!

Imposter syndrome often starts at an early (mine first reared its head at 12) and can last until we take action to eradicate it.  This quick, live course will get you started.

If you can’t make the live event, don’t fret.  You will receive access to the recorded program.  You will even be able to submit your questions in advance to make sure your personal needs are met.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  The program is NOT A SALES PITCH disguised as education. You will receive tools, tips, and techniques that have proven successful for people around the globe. Register and reserve your “virtual seat” today.

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