How to Develop Emotional Intelligence Masterclass


Emotional intelligence is a key success differentiator. Research indicates that individuals and leaders who have high levels of EQ build better relationships with others, are better able to handle emotionally charged situations such as conflict, and are overall more effective. The good news? EQ can be developed and improved. Even those with high EQ can learn how to leverage this trait more effectively.

In this 90-minute masterclass, communication and leadership skills expert Pamela Jett will take a deep dive into EQ.

  • Discover what EQ is – including the 4 pillars of EQ.
  • Learn simple tactics to improve EQ.
  • Unlock the powerful art of emotional self-mastery to boost your credibility and enhance relationships.
  • Take a powerful EQ assessment that pinpoints areas for personal development and skill building.
  • Master the art of reframing – a transformational technique with universal application.
  • Discover simple “hacks” that can change a negative mindset into a more positive one.
  • Learn how to use emotions in positive and constructive ways.
  • Create a personal action plan to develop and leverage EQ.

This content-rich masterclass is more than just “feel-good fluff” or a barrage of theory. It provides tools you can use immediately and is delivered with Pamela’s signature blend of evidence-based content, humor, and high energy. There is even a forum to ask questions.

Can’t make the live event? Don’t fret. A recording is included with your registration. You can even submit your questions in advance.

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