Dealing With Passive-Aggressive People


Do passive-aggressive people have you bewildered or unsure of yourself? Have you ever wondered what EXACTLY to say in response to a passive-aggressive person? Is your frustration with passive-aggressive people and their destructive behavior mounting?  In this power-packed 25-minute live event you will:

  • Learn what passive-aggressive communication is and what you can and cannot do about it.
  • Master specific strategies for dealing with common passive-aggressive behaviors like “kitchen-sinking”, “the silent treatment”, “gas-lighting” and many others.
  • Discover EXACTLY what to say so that passive-aggressive people know you are on to them.
  • Enhance your personal resiliency so the passive-aggressive behaviors of others don’t derail your productivity or steal your joy.
  • Create better communication habits and avoid becoming passive-aggressive with others.

Stop letting passive-aggressiveness frustrate or anger you and start communicating more effectively.

If you can’t make the live event, don’t fret.  You will receive access to the recorded program.  You will even be able to submit your questions in advance to make sure your personal needs are met.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  The program is NOT A SALES PITCH disguised as education. You will receive tools, tips, and techniques that have proven successful for people around the globe. Register and reserve your “virtual seat” today.

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