Sneaky Credibility Killers


You may be unconsciously sabotaging your credibility, minimizing your impact, and reducing your influence with sneaky credibility killers! Learning how to communicate with impact and influence requires self-awareness and a commitment to reducing sneaky credibility killers. Discover how in this 20-minute quick course.

  • Uncover personal credibility-killing language habits that are negatively impacting your career.
  • Discover powerful words and phrases to use instead and watch your credibility soar.
  • Master the art of communicating with confidence.
  • Discover what to say when you don’t know what to say.
  • Stop the self-sabotage and move your career forward.

Each 20-minute quick course provides tools you can use immediately and is delivered with Pamela’s signature blend of evidence-based content, humor, and high energy. There is even a forum to ask questions.

Can’t make the live event? Don’t fret. A recording is included with your registration. You can even submit your questions in advance.


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