Communication and Success Skills Series


Discover the tools you and your team need to stay focus and productive. With an emphasis on mastering assertive communication skills and tools to take careers to the next level of success, this series is perfect for anyone looking to stop the self-sabotage and enhance their professional image.

Includes four skill-building webinars (details below):

  • Communicate with Confidence, Credibility, and Influence
  • Say it With Backbone, Not Bite: Assertiveness Skills for Success
  • Stress Busters! De-Stress for Success
  • Mind Your Own Business: A Career Advancement Program
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Includes the following webinars:

Communicate with Confidence, Credibility and Influence
Communication is the most important skill set any professional can polish. In this fast-paced program loaded with best practices for success learn how to:

  • Master language patterns and templates to use in difficult situations while keeping emotions in check
  • Discover powerful words and phrases you can use to build relationships and pump up productivity
  • Uncover the root causes of communication challenges and how to overcome them
  • Stop self-sabotage of weak language
  • and much more

Say it With Backbone, Not Bite: Assertiveness Skills for Success
Assertiveness is a skill that can be learned. Discover what assertiveness is (and what it is not), master assertive language patterns to use in even the most challenging situations, and how to avoid to pitfalls of passive-aggressiveness.

Stress Busters! De-Stress for Success
Discover the secrets happy, productive people use to de-stress and get out of overwhelm. Loaded with practical tools, not just feel-good fluff, this program can help you recapture joy and rediscover your energy and enthusiasm.

Mind Your Own Business: A Career Advancement Program
Initiative, assertiveness, and a solid plan are required to get attention, authority, and respect in today’s workplace. Discover practical tools to take charge of your career (without being pushy) and reap the rewards.

  • How to leverage accomplishments
  • Powerful communication tools to keep management “in the loop”
  • Career killing moves to avoid and career building steps to take
  • How to banish “idea” thinking and maximize “solution” thinking
  • An easy to follow action plan for maximizing performance appraisals while simultaneously making it easier for leaders to give appraisals