How to Calm Yourself Down in 5 Seconds or Less


Do you sometimes find yourself hijacked by your own emotions?  Do you ever get so stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed that you find it difficult to concentrate or be effective?  Would the ability to calm yourself down in even the most stressful situations help you be more productive and feel more at ease?  If so… discovering How to Calm Yourself Down in 5 Seconds or Less is the program for you!  In this powerful 25-minute live event you will:

  • Learn how to be the master of your emotions and not let your emotions be the master of you.
  • Discover simple anchoring techniques that can help you calm down in a matter of seconds.
  • Master the art of reframing for a simple perspective change that can make all the difference.
  • Create a personalized “go-to “ plan for when things get hectic and you need to focus… fast!

Without a doubt, life can be stressful.  Work can be full of challenges.  Sometimes our emotions get the better of us.  The ability to calm yourself down anytime and anywhere is vital.  This quick, live course will get you started.

If you can’t make the live event, don’t fret.  You will receive access to the recorded program.  You will even be able to submit your questions in advance to make sure your personal needs are met.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  The program is NOT A SALES PITCH disguised as education. You will receive tools, tips, and techniques that have proven successful for people around the globe. Register and reserve your “virtual seat” today.

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