High Impact Strategies for a Better Virtual Performance Appraisal


Is your performance appraisal or evaluation right around the corner?  Are you concerned about a “virtual review” instead of an in-person review?  Do performance appraisals or evaluations trigger anxiety, apprehension, or feelings of inadequacy?  If you identify with any of these concerns, then this new, quick course is for you. In this live, virtual event you will discover exactly what to do and say BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your review.

  • Discover how to create and leverage “I’m Great Updates.”
  • Uncover and eliminate bad habits that can sabotage your review – especially a virtual review.
  • Master the art of “impact statements” to ensure you receive the credit and kudos you deserve.
  • Learn how to respond to negative feedback professionally and confidently.
  • Eliminate weak and powerless language to boost your credibility and impact.
  • Learn powerful language tools to help you make the most of a “self-review” opportunity.

Don’t agonize over another review.  Have a plan for BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER.

If you can’t make the live event, don’t fret.  You will receive access to the recorded program.  You will even be able to submit your questions in advance to make sure your personal needs are met.  SPACE IS LIMITED.  The program is NOT A SALES PITCH disguised as education. You will receive tools, tips, and techniques that have proven successful for people around the globe. Register and reserve your “virtual seat” today.