How to Accept Feedback


How we accept feedback, both positive and negative, says a lot about our professionalism, our confidence, our attitude, and much more. Sadly, professionals are rarely taught how to accept feedback and as a result may have formed some bad habits. Discover how to accept feedback in this 20-minute quick course.

  • Learn what to say and what not to say when receiving negative feedback.
  • Discover how to leverage positive feedback for maximum impact.
  • Master the art of the “thank you.”
  • Discover what to say when you don’t agree with negative feedback – without sounding defensive.
  • Create a powerful way to document feedback for professional growth.

Each 20-minute quick course provides tools you can use immediately and is delivered with Pamela’s signature blend of evidence-based content, humor, and high energy. There is even a forum to ask questions.

Can’t make the live event? Don’t fret. A recording is included with your registration. You can even submit your questions in advance.

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