2024 Masterclasses


4 New Masterclasses in 2024

Join communication and leadership skills expert Pamela Jett as she does a deep dive into 4 crucial skills necessary for success in every area of life: Communication, Anger Management, Psychological Safety, and Managing Conflict and Confrontation.

Research is very clear. “Soft Skills” matter! And, they can be developed. Ideal for teams, individual contributors, and leaders alike, each 90-minute masterclass is loaded with tools that are crucial to enhancing career success, relationships, collaboration, problem-solving, and much, much more!

What Not to Say Masterclass Highlights Include:

  • Learn how to “create more space” between what you feel like saying and what you actually say
  • Discover why words matter and how to choose yours with care for better relationships and more career success
  • Develop emotional self-control techniques and stop saying things you regret
  • Discover (surprising) defense provoking words and phrases and what to say instead
  • Unlock your ability to communicate clearly and effectively – even in emotionally charged situations

How to Manage Anger Masterclass Highlights Include:

  • Learn what anger really is and why this knowledge is crucial for anger management
  • Master the art of “filter, frame, choose” to keep emotional outbursts in check
  • Discover your personal “triggers” and develop strategies for lessening their toll on your emotional state
  • Discover how to communicate assertively, not aggressively – even when you are angry
  • Uncover personal roadblocks to staying calm, cool, and collected; and learn how to remove them for better relationships, more credibility, and greater success in every area of life

How to Create Psychological Safety Masterclass Highlights Include:

  • Learn why psychological safety is THE MOST important aspect of team and relationship success
  • Discover the key principles of psychological safety and how to apply them
  • Master the ability to communicate in a way that promotes psychological safety
  • Uncover habits that sabotage psychological safety at work and home
  • Commit to everyday actions that boost psychological safety – no matter your role

How to Manage Conflict and Confrontation Masterclass Highlights Include:

  • Learn that conflict is inevitable – anger, frustration, and hurt feelings are not
  • Discover 5 common conflict management styles – and when and how to use them for the best results
  • Master an assertive language pattern for a successful confrontation
  • Unlock conflict and confrontation superpowers and experience better conflict and confrontation outcomes
  • Uncover the common roots of conflict and how to use that knowledge for greater self-awareness, stronger connections with others, even when things are stressful, and more personal and professional credibility

Each content-rich masterclass is more than just “feel-good fluff” or a barrage of theory. They provide tools you can use immediately and are delivered with Pamela’s signature blend of evidence-based content, humor, and high energy. There is even a forum to ask questions and you will develop your own action plan to make sure the learning translates into action and results!

Can’t make the live event? Don’t fret. A recording is included with your registration. You can even submit your questions in advance.