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Each downloadable course is fast (45-50 min) and loaded with practical skills to use immediately.


Communication and Success Skills

Discover the tools you and your team need to stay focus and productive. With an emphasis on mastering assertive communication skills and tools to take careers to the next level of success, this series is perfect for anyone looking to stop the self-sabotage and enhance their professional image.

Conflict and Confrontation Skills

Professionals who can stay calm, cool, and collected during emotionally charged situations have a distinct professional advantage. Discover what to say and what not to say during conflict, master the art of self-control, and gain the perspective essentials for success with others. This series is for anyone looking to manage crucial conversations more effectively.

High-Caliber Leadership Skills

High-caliber leaders are leaders by choice, not chance. Master the critical mindset and skills required to enhance employee engagement, achieve goals, and be the kind of leader others want to work with and for. With an emphasis on practical application and “must-have” skills, this series is for anyone (formal leader or not) who wants to take their leadership to the high-caliber level.

Suddenly a Supervisor

You’ve been promoted! Now what? The transition into supervision can be challenging for even the most talented employee. Get the “must-have” tools for delegation, feedback, productivity and much more.


Each quick to read book is loaded with strategies and tactics for communication and leadership success.