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Cutting-edge research reveals that Relentlessly Positive Communication is the key to building and projecting confidence, a critical success factor. Stop the selfsabotage and other sneaky credibility and confidence killers to become more strategic, influential, and consciously competent. Discover how to maximize impact, sales effectiveness, and team performance by becoming a Relentlessly Positive Communicator.

  • Best Audience: This keynote serves general audiences, both association and corporate, at all levels.



Choosing to be Relentlessly Positive is the MOST important choice a leader can make. It is the core of psychological safety, engagement, and high-performing teams. Relentless Positivity is the key to combating fear, even during tough times, and driving results. By making 3 critical communication choices, leaders can reduce turnover and become the results-oriented leader others want to work with and for.

  • Best Audience: This keynote is for leaders at all levels from 1st time supervisors to the C-suite and those with leadership potential or highvisibility positions.


The Women’s Leadership Academy

Transform Choices, ignite Influence, Remarkable Results

Research is very clear, organizations that invest in leadership development for women reduce turnover, experience an increase in talent acquisition R.O.I., enhance employee engagement, and a whole host of related benefits.  Take away the stress, frustration, and work of developing women’s leadership training with this turnkey academy that can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs.


Snipers, Steamrollers and Chronic Complainers:

Relentlessly Positive Tools for Dealing with Difficult People

Relentlessly positive communicators know that dealing with difficult people is inevitable. In this fast-paced and content rich session, discover the #1 reason difficult people are difficult and effective tactics to use with them. Leverage the art of “goat hiding” to stay calm even when others are losing their cool. Master the “words to choose” and the “words to lose” when communicating with difficult personality types like the exploder and many others.

The Relentlessly Positive Leader’s Toolkit

for Crucial Conversations

Navigating coaching , disciplinary, and performance management conversations is vital to a leader’s success. And, research is clear, these are the crucial conversations that stress leaders the most. In this performance enhancing program discover language patterns and conversation templates to make these conversations more positive, more productive, less stressful and more likely to motivate lasting behavior change, performance improvement, and team effectiveness.


It’s the Other Kind of Smart

Professionals with strong emotional intelligence (EQ) communicate better, more effectively manage anxiety and stress, more readily defuse conflicts, improve relationships, and empathize with others. High EQ helps professionals navigate challenges. The good news? EQ can be developed. Discover how in this powerful program that focuses on tools professionals can use immediately to better identify, understand, manage, and use the emotions that are inevitable at work.

Say it With Backbone… Not Bite:

Assertiveness Skills for the Relentlessly Positive Communicator

Relentlessly positive communicators and leaders are assertive. In this application rich program, discover what assertiveness is and what it is not. Master assertive language patterns such as boundary statements to more effectively work with others and get results. Learn to avoid the perils of passive aggressiveness and other ineffective communication strategies. 80% of problems in most workplaces are the result of poor communication. Learn to communicate assertively and watch productivity soar.


Lead, Succeed

Discover the 3 communication keys relentlessly positive leaders use to enhance employee engagement, reduce turnover, foster a workplace culture rich in psychological safety, and improve collaboration, problem solving, and teamwork. With a focus on language patterns and templates that make communicating easier, this program moves beyond theory into strategies and tactics that get results.


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