Conflict is inevitable, in even the very best workplaces and relationships. Some people, however, seem to engage in conflict and confrontation with more confidence and with less escalation. Here are are few tips to help you do the same.

Q- TIP!  

Quit taking it personally. Remember, it is typically not about you (even when others try to make it sound like it is.) When other people behave in combative and hostile ways it is typically a reflection of their fears and insecurities.

Respond as Opposed to React

Professionals choose their behavior based on their values and objectives as opposed to simply reacting to the behaviors of others.

Be an Exceptional Listener

In particular, listen for the unspoken fear in the other person’s communication. Often, the difficult or inappropriate behaviors of others is based in fear. Understanding that can enhance our ability to respond effectively.

Words Matter

Choose your words wisely. Some words can trigger defensiveness and others cooperation. Be intentional in your word choice.

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