Asking for resources such as money, time or equipment can be daunting.  High caliber communicators know how to gain cooperation and ask for the resources they need to move a project forward. If you haven’t mastered these skills, the “ask” can be made easier and is more likely to succeed with one communication tip:

Ask for advice before asking for resources.

Whose ideas do people like the most? Their own! While this approach doesn’t guarantee that others will give you what you want, it greatly increases the odds that you will gain their cooperation and support. 

Let’s make this simple and break it down to a three-step process.

1.) Share your current concept with them and then ask them what they might do to improve a certain part, or what they think you could do differently, or how you could take it to the next level. Thank them and go away.

2.) Ponder their contributions and, if possible, integrate some of their advice.

3.) Re-approach and use language such as “the project you’ve been so supportive of requires….” (and then state your request for resources).

Of course, every situation is different and would require different language. However, if you use the three steps outlined above, you increase the chance you will get the support and resources you need. Remember, high caliber communicators will:

Ask for advice before asking for resources.

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